Thursday, December 23, 2010

Observing World Religion Day--January 16

Sunday, January 16th at 3 p.m.
New Garden Friends Meeting

"What do you value about your faith that enhances your feeling of kinship with everyone?"

Representatives from the Baha’í, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions in our community will share their answers to this question.

Music from One Human Family, Triad Tapestry Children’s Chorus, and Hinshaw United Methodist Choir.

Reception to follow.

Our partner in sponsoring this observance is FaithAction International House.

Upcoming Events

The Triad Tapestry Children's Chorus will begin rehearsals for the new year on January 4. Open to all children ages seven to eleven, the Chorus charges no fees and has no auditions. Rehearsals are held Tuesday evenings at 7:00, at First Baptist Church of Greensboro. The Chorus accepts invitations from the community to sing, usually three times a semester.

It's Not Us!

The News and Record recently published a notice that the Triad Interfaith Council is having a fundraising sale--of pork butts!

We know that pork is forbidden to both Jews and Muslims, and that many Buddhists and Hindus, as well as all Jains, are vegetarians. We would never sponsor such an event.

At the same, we depend on your generosity to support our activities in the community, and would welcome a donation!